Risk monitoring

CreateScene will monitor all bookings to look for potential suspicious activity and protect our community of creatives and the people who join us to book that creative talent.

Identity Verification

If we suspect anyone of abusing the system, imitating someone or sharing anything inappropriate, we may require them to prove that they are who they say they are or risk having their profile deleted or permanent bans from the platform. 

Rights to list

Listing accurate products and services is important to us so we can ensure our community is getting what they pay for when they choose to invest in your art, product or service. We may ask you to provide documentation certifying certain things to validate its legality and right to list on our platform.

Protected Payments

We are committed to protecting payments for our sellers and professional users by guaranteeing payments and releasing full payouts after successful bookings, transactions or the completion of projects.. 


Reviewing the professional you booked will help other users learn more about the experience and give that user valuable content to help get more bookings. Please support our creatives by leaving a review after a booking or collaboration.

Fraud protection

To prevent fraud, we require all communications, bookings and payments to take place within CreateScene. This allows us to support our users with disputes, cancellation protection and safeguards and be able to follow the case to resolve it to the best of our ability.