What is CreateScene?

CreateScene is a social networking and media production platform, providing the tools, resources and inspiration to ignite a creative renaissance. Our goal is to unite every creative scene under one umbrella and give our community the networking and e-commerce tools to connect, earn and thrive socially and financially.  

How do I create an account?

You can sign up here:

You can choose between a free account, sellers account or professional account and to see a list of features each membership gets, visit the account pages to see more information.

You have to be over the age of 13 or whatever the laws in your country relating to social media allow to create a profile and some content will only be visible to users over 18. 

How do I find people to make friends with?

You will see suggested users, based on the scenes you're interested in and mutual connections on your profile. You can also go into the networking page and browse for people based on the creative scenes you want to look in and via location. 

How do I find the right creative for my project?

Whatever kind of creative you're looking for, you can go to the networking page and search through the scenes and all the sub categories to be more specific in your search. You can then browse through professional users to see their portfolio, reviews, experience, availability and cost. Connect with them and if they are a right fit for your project, you can book them through their profile. You will get a booking confirmation and invoice and then keep in touch through the platform to share ideas, chat through the project and connect them to your mind map of saved posts to see a mood board for your project.

How do I customise my experience?

We will have different ways to customise your user experience on CreateScene. You can pick between light and dark profile colours, or add a background image to change the look of the site while you're browsing. Customise the link and icon colours in the customisation page. You can also customise your profile section that everyone will see with a background image, multiple profile pictures, top friends and more. Seller accounts and professional users will also unlock additional features and sections on the profiles as well as multiple layout options to maximise your profile to suit your needs. 

How will I get paid from bookings and selling goods?

If someone wants to pay you for a project, they will use the CreateScene booking tools to select the date(s) of the project, how much time they are booking you for or the rates you set for your skills, and pay through the booking system. As a professional user, you will be able to see your payments, projects, calendar and more in the business tools and manage payouts to your bank or paypal account. Half of the payment will be held until the project is completed and signed off by the user who booked you or the date of the event in your calendar passes to indicate the job has been completed. This is incase of bookings or discrepancies and refunds need to be made. If there are any issues between you and the booker, we will investigate and make a decision on what has happened and whether full or partial refunds need to be issued. Contact with any issues you may face. 

How do I book a creative for a job?

Once you find the right creative for your project, you can use the booking tools on their profile and select dates if needed and pay through the CreateScene platform. You can then use the messaging tools and mind map page to share content and ideas to help them create the results you need. There will be different payment options in the booking section of the professional users profile.

What if the project goes wrong or things get cancelled?

If something happens to your project and it gets cancelled, we can offer a refund depending on whether the project involved the creative needing to pay for materials. If the creative can prove they booked their schedule for your project and paid for materials of equipment, then you may only be eligible for a partial refund so our creatives aren't left out of pocket for the expenses incurred preparing for the job. You can contact with any issues you may face in these circumstances.

How can I get my content seen?

Share posts on the newsfeed of your content for your followers to see it. We have a chronological newsfeed so whatever was posted most recently will appear at the top. We don't use any algorithms to hide content or boost people above you. If you share content, it will appear based on when you shared it. To appear in more search results, you can tag your content via specific scenes, key words or colours that will then appear in content searches on the scenes newsfeed and the mind map page. The more you share and tag properly, the more people will discover your work and inspire more members of the CreateScene community.

How can I collaborate with other creatives?

Browse for people in the networking pages to discover people you could collaborate with. Not every project will be a paid opportunity and most creatives will be open to opportunities to meet new creatives, learn from each other and build up their portfolios. Reach out, make friends, collaborate remotely and share pics and ideas in chat or mind map, or if you're local to each other, meet up, grab a coffee, make a friend and talk or create together. We want this platform to facilitate all kinds of friendships, working relationships, collaborations and partnerships so start networking now and share your stories and results in the newsfeed for others to see!

What is a mind map?

The mind map page is a place for you to browse for content and save pictures that inspire you or relate to a project  you're working on. Save different albums with content you discover on CreateScene and decide who you want to share it with so they can see, contribute, add notes and help make your collaboration or project even better. 

What is the ambassador program?

We want to build a network of people who love this platform and want to share it with more people in your own communities. Passion is a powerful tool to inspire people to join and we want your passion for CreateScene to be heard so more people in your school, area, friend group or workplace learn about our platform and join too. You can earn rewards, merch, upgrades and more by applying to become one of our CreateScene ambassadors. Visit the ambassador page for more information on how to apply and join.

How can I advertise on CreateScene?

CreateScene wants to connect  you with an audience of creative people from all different artistic scenes. You can focus your ads on the scenes you feel fit your business, organisation, brand, product or event best to generate the best results. There are different placements for ads and different size options, campaign durations and more to give you a variety of options for your ads.

CreateScene does not allow adverts that promote the sale or use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, both prescription, recreational or illegal. We do not allow ads that promote adult products or services or promote the sale or use of weapons, ammunition or explosives. We do not allow adverts that promote gambling. We want to create a community based on inclusivity and will not allow adverts based on religion, politics or anything that aims to discriminate in any capacity. 

Art and creativity are things that connect us around the world and we want to promote businesses, organisations, brands, products or events that reflect this shared belief that creativity can inspire and enrich people's lives.

How can we work with CreateScene?

We are always looking to explore opportunities to reach more people with CreateScene so if you have a project, collaboration or idea in mind to work with us in some capacity to reach and inspire more people, we would love to hear from you. Whatever your idea is, big or small, please reach out to us at 

What happens with my data?

CreateScene is building a global map of creativity and understanding how and where different creative scenes are thriving. When you sign up, we will learn about your interests by what scenes you tick. This is the only data we collect so all your personal information is safe and protected. We just want to learn about all of the different creative scenes so we can help other businesses, organisations and brands bring creativity to you in new ways and reach areas of the world with new kinds of opportunities to learn about creativity that were not being offered before. Our commitment to the world of art and creativity is to give back and the best way we can do that is to learn from the scenes data you share with us.